Baja Bean Saying Adios

Baja Bean Saying Adios has the details on the closing of one of the best patios in Richmond.

Photo: Google Maps

The basement bar that nearly everyone in Richmond has been in at one time or another, Baja Bean (1520 W Main Street), is planning on closing up in October. The bar was also a great host for many a VCU and Richmond Kicker viewing party so not just Tex-Mex lovers are mourning this loss.

Karri Peifer of has the details from owner Jeff Allums.

Allums said a number of factors – the size of the space, staffing constraints, changing demographics and societal changes all factored into his decision to close, but none more than saturation rate of restaurants in the area.

“The sheer number of restaurants has affected me more than rent,” he said. “When we started in the winter of ’99, there were a few places around us, but look at it now.”



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