Richmond Animal Care & Control makes last push for ‘Team Tommie’ license plate

Virginia legal landscape shifts as cannabis support grows

December 10, 2019 Capital News Service

Farmers are wrapping up the first industrial hemp season in Virginia since the passage of the 2018 federal Farm Bill. Industrial hemp is poised to be a fast growing sector of agriculture in Virginia. Hemp advocacy group Vote Hemp estimates 2017 retail sales of hemp products neared $820 million nationally and will continue to climb. Growers, agricultural officials, and politicians are all coming to the table to discuss the future of cannabis, and even the legalization of marijuana in Virginia.

General Assembly special session concludes with Senators vowing to represent Virginia voters

November 20, 2019 Capital News Service

The General Assembly reconvened post-election, after the July special session was cut short without hearing any legislation. Monday’s session ended faster than in July – with both House and Senate adjourning after minutes. From the sparsely populated Senate floor, both a Republican and Democratic senator spoke briefly about their opposing goals for gun legislation in the upcoming 2020 session.

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