Don’t Look Back South Now Open

Don’t Look Back South Now Open

Be gentle and patient folks, the first days of a new restaurant are fraught with peril.

Let me put on my old-timer’s hat and tell you about a little taco truck called Nate’s Tacos. The tacos were delicious and it was one of the first really successful food trucks in town. Eventually, Nate with the help of Hamooda Shami, co-owner of New York Deli opened up a brick and mortar spot in Carytown. That marked the end of the taco truck.

The taco world has traveled full circle and now Nates’ tacos are back on the Southside with the opening of Don’t Look Back South at 7524 Forest Hill Ave.

From Facebook:

ok, southside is open! but it’s a super soft opening with limited hours so please be patient with us as we get ourselves situated



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