A sea of change has calmed and Camden’s Dogtown Market has fixed plans for the future

A sea of change has calmed and Camden’s Dogtown Market has fixed plans for the future

Camden’s Dogtown is open for dinner again offering a $20 prix fixe menu with six different entrée options.

Back in September, Camden’s Dogtown Market suffered a devastating loss. A prized employee, friend, and the face of the front of the house suddenly passed away. This obviously left everyone involved saddened and during a week of being closed Camden’s realized that they didn’t have someone to fill those shoes. Then the sous chef decided she couldn’t work through the loss with daily reminders. Camden’s had no choice but stop dinner service.

Dinner is back and I’ll leave it up to Andy of Camden’s to explain what’s up next. He does an excellent job.

During that dinnerless month I had time to reconsider the mission of Camden’s, which has always been in regular flux, having been born from a failed noodle bar and reworked to meet what seemed to be the needs of the changing neighborhood-I wanted to call it Lemonade, but I didn’t have a dog named Lemonade. With word on the street of another market/café getting ready to open a few blocks away, and my growing discontent with making hamburgers (in 20 years of owning restaurants in RVA, I never previously made a hamburger or owned a deep fryer), I decided to try something that Richmond hasn’t really seen…or at least not in my 33 years here…a full time prix fixe menu.

For the last month we have been offering a constantly changing, three-course dinner menu for $20. We’ve fine-tuned the selections, gone through a couple of false starts on staff, but seem to be leveling off with a tasty and tight-knit plan.  The lunch and brunch menus will remain consistent (though the special offerings are getting a bit more adventurous), and we still have the market running as per usual. When Michael and Laura Hild’s Butterbean Market & Café opens, I plan to gear more towards being a Fine Wine & Beer Shop/Restaurant and let them sell the toilet paper.

Also, we’re doing the Orphan’s Thanksgiving Dinner again (5th Annual!) wherein parties of 3 or fewer may come and gorge on house-made traditional fare from 3-7 for $22 per person. Catch phrase, “If you have four people, make your own damned turkey.”

Below is the menu for fall.



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