The Wrap: Publix opens, Maggie Walker statue unveiling, new seats at The Byrd, and more

The Wrap: Publix opens, Maggie Walker statue unveiling, new seats at The Byrd, and more

Get caught up on the week’s top headlines, learn the five things you need to know, and find something fun to do this weekend with The Wrap!

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The week in brief

Let me tell you one thing I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt–Richmonders love their grocery stores, and news about said grocery stores. Already one of the most saturated cities in the country per capita when it comes to them, Richmonders will have yet another choice beginning tomorrow with the opening of Publix in Glen Allen. It’s the company’s first store in Virginia, and will be the first of many in the market. We got a sneak peek inside the new store, which opens on Nuckols Road Saturday morning at 7:00 AM. Here’s your first look.

While this store is newly-built, most of the Richmond stores will be remodeled Martin’s stores. Six of them closed this week; three will remain vacant for the foreseeable future and three others will house new Publix locations. Here’s what you need to know.

The City of Richmond will unveil a new statue honoring the life and legacy of Maggie Walker in Jackson Ward on Saturday, and there’s a whole lot going on to celebrate the milestone. It all kicks off at 10:00 AM Saturday and W. Broad Street and Adams Street and we’ve got the full rundown of what to expect and all the history-centric activities you can participate in to be a part of this historic day.

Another famous Richmonder, tennis great Arthur Ashe, had a new tunnel mural dedicated in his honor this past Wednesday in Battery Park–on his birthday, no less.

At long last, The Byrd Theatre is installing new seats! They’ll be taken out in sections, which means the theatre will have various configurations over the course of the 12-week project, but it also means it will allow for a once-in-a-lifetime event to take place where all those seats usually are. We have details on the project, its timeline, and what other upgrades you can expect when everything wraps up in September right here.

Summer is in full swing, and that means so is vacation season! If you’re headed out of town this summer, you should know there’s a free service from the Richmond Police Department in which offers will look after your home or business. It’s a little-known thing, and we’ve got all the details on how you can sign up for a little peace of mind.

A suspect accused of breaking into at least four restaurants in Carytown and Scott’s Addition is still on the loose, and police need your help in finding him. Check out the surveillance photos to see if you can help crack the case.

Speaking of restaurants, The Tobacco Company caught fire last Saturday, and the three-alarm blaze has meant over 100 people are now out of work. But because we live in the wonderful city that we do, it also means almost 20 other local restaurants have reached out to offer pick-up shifts, permanent positions, and other support to affected employees.

To get caught up on all the rest of the week’s food-related news, check out our Weekly Food News. It includes information on Whitley’s Peanut Factory and their forthcoming location in Innsbrook, the Richmond Folk Feast, and much more!

Five things to know

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