Style Weekly dines at Sally Bell’s

Style Weekly dines at Sally Bell’s

Smithfield Ham on a Roll, with the Chocolate Devil’s Food Cupcake for me, if you’re heading that way. Thanks.

You can’t call yourself a Richmonder if you’ve never eaten at Sally Bell’s. Technically it’s Sally Bell’s Kitchen but I’ve never heard anyone use the full name. A simple Sally Bell’s will let everyone know what you’re talking about.

There was worry when they were moving from the old spot on W. Grace St  to the new one at 2337 W. Broad Street that the food would change. I can personally report, those fears were without merit. I love their cupcakes enough to consider marriage to a baked good. You can find a bigger sandwich quite easily in town but you can’t find the whole package that is a Sally Bell’s boxed lunch.

The Style Weekly review confirms my assertion that all is well in Sally Bell’s Kitchen:

As noted in a 1987 Richmond News Leader article framed on the wall — back when box lunches cost $3.80 — the classic chicken salad once came on a beaten biscuit. It now arrives on a roll as soft as a sigh. Southern staple pimento cheese is slathered on white bread, its bright orange color making all the more contrast, while turkey, with an option of regular or low-calorie mayonnaise, arrives on wheat bread.

Sally Bell’s Kitchen

Mon – Fri: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Sun: Closed




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