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A Walk in the Woods




I got up early and went up to the Wetlands to test out a bird theory in this little meadow. My theory was there will be tons of birds early in the morning, not true. So I packed up and returned to my tried and true method which I call Bull Moose Nature Walk. Bull Moose Nature Walk is based on a large person (like myself) blindly tromping through the woods and startling myself and the natural denizens. In fortunate cases, the natural denizens are so stunned by seeing a moose like creature they pause long enough for me to take a picture.
Well, I was lumbering through the woods and heard some crows making an above-average crow noises. So they were very freaking loud. Suddenly, two Red-Shouldered hawks flew by with crows in pursuit, before I could even lift the camera from another angle a Barred Owl came in also chased by a crow. They all converged and there was a mini Battle of Britain that took place with owls, hawks, and crows dashing about. When the flak cleared the owl pursued by two crows went deeper into the woods. I followed, cursing about brambles and sticks determined to take an eye out. Eventually, I found the owl calmly sitting on a tree as the pair of crows took turns landing closely and yelling in the owl’s ear. Sometimes the crows would fly by and nip at the owl’s tail feather. The owl didn’t care, occasionally making the half-hearted attempt to snap. After about 15-20 minutes the owl went to another tree where it was able to find some peace and quiet.
There are several possible morals.
  1. Don’t have ideas they’re always crap.
  2. Sometimes just blundering along like a moose works out.
  3. Your critics are going to yell, just move to a different tree.
  4. Crows are assholes.
(Due to so many branches these were the best pictures I could nab.)

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