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Critters of the Week

A wild critter we spotted in the RVA area and a critter up for adoption by SPCA or RACC.




Juvenile Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Mature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – Photo from

Where Spotted: Wetlands
Common Name:  Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker aka Mr. Ye Olde Tyme Cartoon Insult
Scientific Name: Sphyrapicus varius
Average Length: 8-9 in
Average Wingspan: 16-18 in
Average Weight:1.5-1.7 ounces

Quick Facts

  • Yellow-bellied sapsuckers will drum on metal surfaces such as signs, gutters, or vents to increase the resonance and more broadly proclaim their territory.
  • Arthropods, tree sap, fruits, and nuts compose the majority of the yellow-bellied sapsucker’s diet.
  • Before feeding consistently on a tree, this sapsucker lays down exploratory bands near a live branch. These bands are laid down in horizontal rows.
  • This bird is monogamous, and nests in pairs,[with both sexes working to make the nest. Excavation of the cavity is done mostly by the male.

Goggles at RACC

Goggles is looking for a special someone to help him learn manners and be a well-behaved boy. He was once a yard dog. His previous owners didn’t teach him anything so he needs to start with a basic manners training class so that he can be the best version of himself possible. He can be very affectionate with his caretakers, especially after he gets some of his energy out running around in our play yard with his favorite toys. The staff here have been working with him on leash manners (he walks better on a harness), getting him to be more polite with toys, dog socialization, and verbal commands like “sit” and “down”. He has a lot of potential, and we love his goofy face. If you are looking for a rewarding challenge, ask to meet with Goggles!

Primary Color: Blue Brindle
Weight: 55
Age: 1yrs 7mths 1wks
Sex: Male
Pet ID: 83313

Adopt Goggles at RACC

Learn more about their Adoption Process or how to Foster A Pet.

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