Critters of the Week

Critters of the Week

A wild critter we spotted in the RVA area and a critter up for adoption by SPCA or RACC.

Where Spotted: Reedy Creek
Common Name: Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly (corrections on possible misidentification welcome)
Scientific Name: Libellula vibrans
Average Length: 50-63 mm

Quick Facts (general dragonfly facts)

  • Fossils of very large dragonfly ancestors in the Protodonata are found from 325 million years ago (Mya) in Upper Carboniferous rocks; these had wingspans up to about 750 mm (30 in).
  • An adult dragonfly’s compound eyes have nearly 24,000 ommatidia each.
  • Dragonflies live on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Several years of their lives are spent as nymphs living in fresh water; the adults may be on the wing for just a few days or weeks.

Rufus at Richmond SPCA


Hello ladies and gents! My name is Rufus and I cannot wait to meet you! I’ve been dreaming about going home with a new best bud who will play fetch with me and let me cuddle with them at night. I just love curling up on the couch and watching old (or new) movies. Come over to the Richmond SPCA today to see if we could be the perfect fit!

Age: 6 years, 3 months
Gender: Neutered Male
Color: Tan
Size: L (dog size guide)
ID: 42654511

Adopt Rufus at the Richmond SPCA

Learn more about the adoption process.




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