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Photos & Game Summary: Kickers Finish Season with a Win and say Goodbye to Troyer

The season didn’t go as planned but the game on Saturday certainly did as the Kickers defeated Orlando City B by two goals.



The Kickers ended the season with a convincing win. They dominated every statistic on Saturday night but the victory was bittersweet.

Defender Braedon Troyer announced his retirement earlier in the week. Braedon spent his five-year professional career in a Kickers uniform. A severe injury last year put his career into doubt but he decided to come back for one more year. He was always a solid defender, with a great smile, and kindness off the field that charmed fans and staff alike. On the field he was a fearless defender and earned his own, chant by the Red Army, “Braedon Troyer, he’s a Warrior”. He’ll definitely be missed on and off the field.


Official Kickers Summary

The Richmond Kickers (9-14-5) closed out the 2019 USL League One season Saturday night at City Stadium behind a 2-0 victory over Orlando City B (4-20-4). Conor Shanosky found the back of the net in the 31st minute, followed by Charles Boateng five minutes later. Mutaya Mwape assisted on both goals. Braeden Troyer finished his professional career with a victory after wearing the captain’s armband.

Just a minute into the match, Braden Troyer nearly put the Kickers up 1-0 early. Nick Retzlaff sent a corner kick in towards the near post. Troyer broke free of his defender to get a header on the ball. His shot grazed the top of the crossbar and out for a goal kick.

Braeden Troyer got involved again in the 15th minute looking for the opener. He picked up control of the ball on the right wing. As he turned, he quickly fed the ball through to Greg Boehme going for goal. His shot was saved by Chrsitian Herrera.

Wahab Ackwei had a last ditch block in the 19th minute to keep Orlando off the board. Thiago Souza pounced on an errant pass took a chance on goal. Ackwei made a run to get a foot on the ball before it slipped in for the opener.

The Kickers kept searching for an opener in the 26th minute. Nick Retzlaff served in a free kick from the left wing. Wahab Ackwei made the far post run and got a head on the ball, putting his shot just wide.

Back to back chances came for Richmond in the 26th minute. Nick Retzlaff looked to connect with a center back at the back post again. Retzlaff chipped in a pass that Conor Shanosky was able to catch on the volley, only to have his shot blocked out by Herrera. Mutaya Mwape sent in the ensuing corner kick for Braeden Troyer. He put his header towards goal, only putting it just wide.

The Kickers would finally break through the deadlock in the 31st minute. Mutaya Mwape stood over a free kick on the left side. He was able to find Conor Shanosky at the far post for a header, that found the back of the net for his first goal of the season.

Charles Boateng made it 2-0 for Richmond only five minutes later. Mutaya Mwape looked for space across the top of the box. He cut over to the left wing. As he looked up, Charles Boateng was making a run inside box. The two connected as Boateng slid in for the second goal of the night and his second of the season.

Matt Bolduc had a pair of chances in the 68th minute. Mutaya Mwape sent the ball out to Bolduc on the right edge of the box. He looked to sneak in a shot before he reached the endline. Herrera made the save as the ball bounced back out for Bolduc. The midfielder looked to turn towards goal, instead spinning the opposite way to get into nearly the same spot before going for a shot again, this time with Herrera pushing it out for a corner.

Two minutes before the end of the 90, Akira Fitzgerald came up with a massive save. Rafael Santos slipped through into the Kickers box.

Keep up with the Kickers during the off season at Follow the club on social media through the official FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube pages.


Richmond 2 0 2
Orlando 0 0 0


Richmond GK Akira Fitzgerald, Matt Bolduc, Conor Shanosky, Wahab Ackwei, Zach Perez (64’ – Josh Hughes), Nick Retzlaff (72’ – Ryley Kraft), Braeden Troyer (90’ – Justin Grove), Greg Boehme, Mutaya Mwape, Daniel Jackson, Charles Boateng

Unused Substitutes: Matt Broomall, Dennis Chin, Justin Grove, Luke Pavone, Jannik Eckenrode

Orlando GK Christian Herrera, Randy Mendoza, Brandon John, Jordan Hill, Leonardo Da Silva Simas, Austin Amer, Tanner Hummel (45’ – Tresor Mbuyu), Rafael Santos, William Bagrou, Thiago De Souza, Luc Granitur (69’  – Steven Hernandez)

Unused Substitutes: Juliano Chade, Ates Diouf, Lucas Ontivero


Richmond 19 1 15 6
Orlando 7 8 14 3


31′ RIC Conor Shanosky (Mutaya Mwape)
36′ RIC Charles Boateng (Mutaya Mwape)
38′ ORL Tanner Hummel
69′ ORL Rafael Santos
81′ RIC Charles Boateng
90′ ORL Leonardo Simas
90′ RIC Akira Fitzgerald
90′ ORL William Bagrou




Referee: Adorae Whitesel
Assistant Referees: Max Smith, Andrew Charron
Fourth Official: Otto Leon
Attendance: 3,819
Weather: Partly Sunny, 65 ºF



Richard Hayes is the co-founder of RVAHub. When he isn't rounding up neighborhood news, he's likely watching soccer or chasing down the latest and greatest board game.

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Richmond Reporting on Continental Coming to Manchester

A new restaurant for the Manchester area.



The Continental Westhampton is a staple for diners on Grove. Eventually, those of us South of the river will have our very own Continental to call our own at 609 Hull Street. Continental brings to the table a diverse menu that you can check out here. I highly recommend the meatloaf.

From the full-article on Richmond

Giavos said Continental Manchester will be a similar concept to his Continental Westhampton that’s been open for eight years along the Libbie-Grove corridor.

“We decided to take the ‘W’ in Continental Westhampton and flip it upside down for Manchester,” he said.

“It’ll be neighborhood-friendly, accessible, not too expensive. Hopefully it’ll be good for that neighborhood. There are so many young professionals over there, hopefully I can bring something that’s a needed commodity.”

According to the article no date is set for projected opening.




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Critter of the Week

Critters of the Week

A wild critter we spotted in the RVA area and a critter up for adoption by SPCA or RACC.



Where Spotted: Belle Isle
Common Name:  Double-crested Cormorant aka Mr. Submariner
Scientific Name: Phalacrocorax auritus
Average Length: 28–35 in
Average Wingspan: 45–48 in
Average Weight: 2.6–5.5 lb

Quick Facts

  • When swimming, the bird sits low in the water with its neck and head showing; from there it plunges into the deep to catch fish at depths of up to 25 feet.
  • It can stay submerged for over a minute.
  • After diving, it spends long periods standing with its wings outstretched to allow them to dry, since they are not fully waterproofed.
  • When their eggs hatch after about a month, the adult cormorants will shade the chicks from the sun using their wings.

Rose at Richmond SPCA

Rose is an adorable girl that is looking for just the right home and environment for her. If you’re interested in learning more about Rose please contact the Richmond SPCA adoption center at 804-521-1307 or visit our humane center to meet with an adoption counselor and Rose.

Age: 4 years, 8 months
Gender: Spayed Female
Color: Grey / White
Declawed: No
ID: 31457867

Adopt Rose at Richmond SPCA

Learn more about our adoption process.



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Our City’s Roads or Any City for that Matter



There is no local connection to this story just a neat website that lets you get an image of the streets of any city. Similar to the popular design by Studio Two Three but you can pick your Mom’s town. You can play with the colors and download an image as I did above or just grab screenshots after zooming in as I did below. there are some minor errors like a mystery road going to Belle Isle but overall it’s an interesting way to look at the city. I also checked out some fairly small cities I’m familiar with in other states and it did an excellent job on those as well.

I found out about this on this RVAreddit thread originally posted by u/57duck.

Andrei Kashcha @anvaka created the website. For the technology-minded of you out there it downloads roads from OpenStreetMap and renders them with WebGL. You can find the entire source code here. If you love his website you can buy him a coffee, but it’s not mandatory.



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