Critters of the Week

Critters of the Week

A wild critter we spotted in the RVA area and a critter up for adoption by SPCA or RACC.


Apologies for no photos of the female Cardinal but here is a lovely one.

Where Spotted: Westover Hills, Tuckahoe Plantation
Common Name: Northern Cardinal
Scientific Name: Cardinalis cardinalis
Length: 8.3 – 9.1 in (21–23 cm)
Weight: 1.5-1.7 oz (42-48 g)
Wingspan: 9.8-12.2 in (25-31 cm)

Quick Facts (

  • Only a few female North American songbirds sing, but the female Northern Cardinal does, and often while sitting on the nest.
  • A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male.
  • A perennial favorite among people, the Northern Cardinal is the state bird of seven states, including Virginia.
  • The male cardinal fiercely defends its breeding territory from other males. When a male sees its reflection in glass surfaces, it frequently will spend hours fighting the imaginary intruder.
  • The oldest recorded Northern Cardinal was a female, and was 15 years, 9 months old when she was found in Pennsylvania.

Francia Raisa at RACC

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Primary Color: Rust
Weight: 46.1
Age: 2yrs 0mths 3wks
Sex: Female
Pet ID: 81435

Sweet Francia is a timid little lady… until she is in the presence of other dogs! She absolutely LOVES dogs and must go home with a dog that will be her confident leader. She wants a doggie friend that she can wrestle and run with. Francia also needs a human that will make her feel safe. It doesn’t take her long to warm up to people, but she opens up much faster when another dog is around. She is also good with sassy cats! We have not seen Francia with children yet, but would love to try her with older kids that have dog manners. (Small children can be loud, forward, and scary.) Francia loves 2 snugg once she trusts you. She is also crate trained already. She loves her crate because she feels safe in there, her adopter must provide a cozy crate for her at first. If you have a friendly, confident dog that wants a bestie – please ask to meet Francia today!

Adopt Francia Raisa at RACC

Please note that the adoptable critter we’ve selected was available when we created the post the animal might not be available when you go to the facility.



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