RVAHub Guide: Tuesday’s Primary Elections

RVAHub Guide: Tuesday’s Primary Elections

The big battle is in November when every seat in the General Assembly is up for election but first, we have the primary.

In November, all 140 seats in Virginia’s General Assembly are up for election. Currently, the Republicans hold a two-seat margin in both chambers. Before we get to the big show in November the parties must choose their candidates, thus a primary on Tuesday, June 11th.

There are 16 State Senate primary elections, 11 Democrat and five Republican. Five of them involve districts in Central Virginia. There are 19 House of Delegates primaries statewide, 12 Democrat and seven Republican. Two of them involve districts near metro-Richmond.

The Virginia Mercury has three articles on the primary.

Our area primaries for Senate Districts:

10th District – Currently held by Republican Glen Sturtevant

11th District – Currently held by Republican Amanda Chase

12th District – Currently held by Republican Siobhan Dunnavant

16th District – Currently held by Democrat Rosalyn Dance

Our area primaries for House Representatives.

62nd House District – currently held by Republican Riley E. Ingram.

68th House District – currently held by Democrat Dawn Adams

If you don’t know or are unsure of your district you can easily check which districts you live in here. If you’re unsure of your polling location that can be found here.



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