Little Free Library Pops Up on Riverside Drive

Little Free Library Pops Up on Riverside Drive

If you’re out of reading material and feel like taking a short walk head over to Riverside Drive.

The Little Free Library above showed up recently along the 5300 block of Riverside and currently has a nice mix of adult and children’s books. On your next walk swing by and add a few and/or take a few.

A Little Free Library lives up to its name. Created by groups and individuals they’re placed in neighborhoods to provide a way for folks to share reading material. There is an official organization or Little Free Library which allows you to register your library and it will show up on a map. The library above isn’t showing up on the map but a search with a one mile radius from my zip code of 23225 shows a few more. This map is also missing on that is Forest Hill Park near the playground, so don’t expect 100% accuracy on the map.




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