Brook Road Bike Lane Prohibition Up for Vote Today in City Council

Brook Road Bike Lane Prohibition Up for Vote Today in City Council

An ordinance that has been floating around since June could finally come up for its first vote today.


The anti-Brook Road bike lane ordinance (ORD. 2018–194) is up for consideration before the City Council after making it out of committee last week. Word on the street, well Ross Catrow at Good Morning RVA anyway, thinks it will be defeated. I trust in Ross on all things public transit, bike lane, traffic.


Original Post 1/22/19:
Today the City Council’s Land Use, Housing and Transportation Committee will meet. According to the agenda and those that know the inner workings of such committees they should vote on ORD. 2018–194. If passed out of Committee it would then need to be approved by the full City Council later this month.

This ordinance was introduced way back in June by Councilwoman Gray and Councilman Hilbert and if approved would prohibit the development of bike lanes on Brook Road.

To prohibit, on Brook Road between Brook Road’s intersection with Azalea Avenue and Brook Road’s intersection with West Charity Street, new travel lanes from being designated to accommodate bicycle travel and lanes currently designated for motor vehicle travel from being converted to accommodate bicycle travel.

As we stated this was introduced this past summer and there has been much debate. If you’d like to voice your opinion this might be your last opportunity. Bike Walk RVA which unsurprisingly is against the ordinance can help you contact your government officials. If you’d like some more information again Bike Walk RVA has you covered. In particular, I’d give this one a read. It’s the city’s response to concerns expressed by Gray and Hilbert such as worry over emergency vehicles.



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