City Council Elects Newbille as Council President

City Council Elects Newbille as Council President

Changes in City Council leadership but more of a reshuffling than a dramatic change.

Last night during the scheduled Richmond City Council Special Meeting the City Council voted to elect Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille (7th District) as Council President. She replaces Councilman Chris Hilbert (3rd District).

Hilbert, however, hasn’t completely shed the mantle of power. Hilbert will become the Council Vice President. Basically, the two Councilpeople swapped roles. Those hoping for new faces in Council leadership were left disappointed. Councilmembers serve four-year terms and elect a Council President and Council Vice President to serve two-year terms.

The role of Council President is to serve as the presiding officer of Council in performing such duties as consistent with the Richmond City Council Rules of Procedure, which includes presiding over Council Formal Meetings. The Council Vice President acts in that capacity in the absence, disability, or by the request of, the Council President.

Your Councilperson is your direct connection to the city government and if he or she can’t help you out they most definitely should know where to direct you. If you’re not sure who is your representative use the links below to figure it out.



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