VCU Siren Test on Wednesday

VCU Siren Test on Wednesday

Don’t panic if you hear new louder sirens on Wednesday at lunch, it’s a test of the new VCU system.

It will get loud around VCU on Wednesday and might sound a little different from previous sirens you’ve heard.

VCU is conducting a test its upgraded siren system this Wednesday, Dec. 5th at noon. This includes sirens on both of VCU‘s Richmond campuses and a new siren at the VCU police downtown headquarters (224 E. Broad St.).

Virginia Commonwealth University will be activating its upgraded siren system on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at noon as part of its monthly siren testing. This includes sirens installed on the Monroe Park and MCV campuses and a new siren at VCU Police headquarters, located at 224 E. Broad St.

The addition of a siren at police headquarters means VCU students, faculty and staff in facilities downtown, along with residents and businesses, will hear the signal more clearly than when the sirens were only located on VCU’s campuses. Wednesday’s test involves a one-minute siren activation using a steady tone. In an actual life-threatening emergency, the sirens warn people external to VCU facilities that there is an immediate risk to the area. The sirens are activated in conjunction with VCU’s other alerting technologies, including text messages, which provide additional directions to the community. In a real emergency, updates are posted on



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