Complaint Filed to Remove Councilman Parker Agelasto Due to Recent Move

Complaint Filed to Remove Councilman Parker Agelasto Due to Recent Move

Can a councilman represent a district if he no longer is a resident of that district?

Last week Councilman Parker Agelasto of the 5th District announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election. As part of that story it was revealed that he was no longer living in the 5th District. It was stated that the move was temporary but no timeline was giving for moving back into the 5th District.

RTD has the story on three 5th District residents who feel Agelasto should no longer be a Councilman.

Three constituents of Richmond City Councilman Parker Agelasto who are unhappy with his move out of the district he was elected to represent filed a complaint Wednesday with the city registrar saying he should forfeit his post.

The constituents — Michael Brown, once chairman of the State Board of Elections; former 5th District Councilman Chuck Richardson; and Beverly Burton, a former attorney for the city — also are challenging Agelasto’s status as a 5th District voter.

“Citizens’ representation on the council is at stake,” states the complaint addressed to Registrar Kirk Showalter and provided to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The story also states that at this time Agelasto has no plans to step down.



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