Must-See RVA! — James M. Taylor House

Must-See RVA! — James M. Taylor House

A look into the history of Richmond places that are still part of our landscape.

November 2018

136-38 West Clay Street
Built, probably 1820-1821

A crib for the Methodist Man.


The only building of comparable date still standing on Clay was built probably in 1820 by Isaac A. Goddin at what is now 136-38 West Clay. Sixteen years later it became the home of James M. Taylor, who lived there for over twenty years.

[ORN] — 213 West Clay Street — one of a row of houses built by Taylor

Taylor, who was an auctioneer and large builder and owner of real estate, was a leader of Richmond Methodism. Although his one-time home has been made into a double house and disfigured by pairs of arched windows, the general outlines are characteristic of many early nineteenth century houses—broad and shallow with a gabled roof.

November 2018 — 207-213 West Clay Street

Across from his own home Taylor built in 1839 or ’41 an attractive little row of four houses, 207-13 West Clay, of which only the western one remains unchanged. [ORN]

And changed or not, they remain today, right across from Abner Clay Park.

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