43rd Street Festival Cancelled

43rd Street Festival Cancelled

Florence has now impacted the arts. Not cool Florence, not cool at all.

Since 1991 the 43rd Street Festival has set up every fall in Forest Hill and provided arts and crafts for the area. Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence has decided to literally rain on the parade. Although the forecast has dramatically improved over the past 24 hours it’s still too unpredictable for the festival to go on this weekend.

The festival besides providing art for your wall served as a fundraiser for CARITAS. CARITAS is the largest homeless services provider in Central Virginia, transforms lives and restores dignity through its four programs. The four programs are The Shelter program, The Furniture Bank, CARITAS Works, and The Healing Place. 

The 43rd Street Festival is urging folk to make a donation directly to make up for the lost funds.

Cancelling the show has an impact on all involved. One way you can help is to donate to CARITAS. Consider the donation you would have placed in the bucket or buying the raffle ticket or t-shirt. You can send that money directly to them. Thanks for your support.



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