2018 Richmond Folk Festival Poster Reveal Party Tonight

2018 Richmond Folk Festival Poster Reveal Party Tonight

We can’t show you poster until after the party but as usual, it’s a nice one.

Every year the Richmond Folk Festival reaches out to a local artist to develop a poster for the event. This year the artist selected was Hamilton Glass.

If you’ve walked much around Richmond you’ve surely stumbled across some of Glass’ work. He has several murals around Richmond one not far from the site of the Folk Festival along the Canal Walk at the old power plant.


Image by Richmond Folk Festival

The Richmond Folk Festival has this profile on Hamilton Glass:

“I was so honored to be asked to design the poster,” Glass said. “I go to the Folk Festival every year and love the energy there. It’s like having a gala of music from all over the world, which attracts people from all over. I’m really excited about it.”

For the Folk Festival poster, Glass has a harder challenge than just working on a smaller scale – the poster must include the names of every performer. With more than 30 acts each year, it’s not an easy feat.

Glass said that like many artists, he starts by sketching out concepts, usually on paper, but for this piece, he’s working in Photoshop.

“I’ve got to be sure all the names fit,” he said. “I’m creating the concept in Photoshop so by the time I get to the painting stage, I’ll pretty much know what’s going on so I won’t be erasing anything.”

When asked about the responsibility of taking on the poster design, Glass says he feels the pressure. “So many artists I know and respect have done these in the past. Pressure creates great things and I hope that it does in this case.”

Only a select few have seen the poster so far this year but you can get a sneak peak at the reveal party tonight. Not only will you get to see the poster you’ll also get to sample this year’s Folk FestivALE by Champion Brewing.

The party is tonight, September 12th at 5:30-7pm, at Glave Kocen Gallery there will be snacks from Heritage, music by Andrew All and Josh Small. There will also be a drawing for a set of all 14 previous Folk Festival posters.



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