Urban Ag Plant Sale in Manchester

Urban Ag Plant Sale in Manchester

Get plants for planting and eventually eating. The eating is questionable since in our garen the squirrels get there first more often than not.

Photo: Tricycle Gardens Instagram.

If you’ve been meaning to plant some veggies in your garden but were too busy/lazy head to Manchester today and swing by the Tricycle at 9th and Bainbridge in Manchester.

From Instagram:

In need of last minute starts for your home garden or farm? We have many paladin and intruder peppers available, as well as some tomatoes and squash. Stop by RVA’s Urban Farm on Wednesday, May 16 between 7am and 4pm to get what you need. Suggested donation of $2 per plant, AND you get a free seed potato with your donation!

Tricycle started in Church Hill and is now Richmond’s leading urban agriculture nonprofit organization. Their mission is to grow a healthy future through urban agriculture.



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