VCU has the mumps

VCU has the mumps

So far there is one confirmed case and one suspected case of mumps.

From VCU Health:

The Richmond City Health Department is investigating 1 confirmed case and 1 suspect case of mumps at VCU.  Mumps is a virus transmitted by respiratory droplets through coughing/sneezing, kissing, sharing drinks or lip balm, and contact with contaminated surfaces.  It takes 12-25 days to develop symptoms, which can include low-grade fever, body aches, headache, and swelling & tenderness in the jaw & cheek area.  Men may develop testicular swelling.  Click here for FAQs about Mumps.

If you develop symptoms concerning for mumps:

  • Call Student Health promptly at 804-828-8828 for instructions regarding evaluation and treatment.
  • Self-isolate at home and avoid interaction with others for at least 5 days after symptoms begin.

The mumps vaccine is the most effective way to prevent infection.  You can check your immunization status through the Student Health Web Portal.  If you have not had 2 doses of the mumps vaccine (MMR or MMRV) or are unsure, contact Student Health or your primary care provider to discuss vaccination.



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