Friday is last day to call the city for your leaf pile pickup

Friday is last day to call the city for your leaf pile pickup

Friday, March 2nd is the last day to request the massive leaf sucker for your pile of tree refuse.

If you’ve been meaning to call the city about the giant pile of leaves you have you’re running out of time. The last day to request vacuum leaf service is Friday, March 2. New requests will not be processed after that date. Requests in the system prior to March 2 will proceed accordingly. For further information call 646-LEAF (5323) or e-mail [email protected]

Don’t forget that this service isn’t free. This year the city will charge you $30 to vacuum the leaves. Not down with spending the extra green for your green lawn? You can bag them up and set them next to your garbage can for free pickup. If you’ve paid and haven’t seen the leaves disappear contact your Councilperson and let them know of the situation.

Judging by the number of leaves in the local streets I suspect that changes might be made to this program next year.

Also, consider leaving the leaves where they lay and perhaps mulching.



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