Forest View Cemetery goats

Forest View Cemetery goats

A local forgotten cemetery is getting help fighting vegetation from a pack of four-legged friends.

The Friends of Forest View Cemetery meet their first funding goal and have some young goats busy at work eating vegetation. There is still much work to be done but for now, let’s just check out some very photogenic goats. The goats work for RVA Goats and if the weather holds should be there until Friday.

We’ll be posting more updates about efforts to restore the cemetery throughout the process. If you’d like to get involved hit that first link and follow the Friends of Forest View Cemetery on Facebook and certainly walk over to 4909 Bassett Avenue and say hello to the goats (read the safety precautions at the bottom of the page).

From the Friends of Forest View Cemetery and RVA Goats:

Please take time to review the following safety precautions.

Keep dogs leashed: 
Please keep dogs leashed while near the goat pen and keep dogs a few feet away from the fence. This will allow the goats to work without fear or stress from barking or lunging dogs. It will also keep the dogs from getting shocked by the electric fencing.

Do not touch the fence:
Caution sign will be posted, yet children may not notice the signs, so parents should be sure that children enjoy watching the goats without touching the fence. The shock is not harmful, but it does hurt, much like a pinch or a sting – the sensation is momentary, but not pleasant.

Do not feed the goats:
Please do not feed the goats. DO NOT offer any plant material because many common landscape plants are toxic to goats.

Do not pet the goats:
Please do not try to pet the goats. These goats are friendly, however they can get their horns tangled in the fence vying for attention. It’s best to let them work.

Call if you have safety concerns:
Feel free to call RVA Goats anytime day or night at with any concern – unusual noise, concern about goat safety, etc. 804.822.0400



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