Pro-confederate group that organized September rally scheduled to be back on Saturday

Pro-confederate group that organized September rally scheduled to be back on Saturday

Protect All The Monuments On Monument Ave Rally – Round 2 is set to begin on Saturday at 10 AM.

Back in September the tee-shirt/flag selling Facebook group, New Confederate States of America held a “rally” to protect the Robert E. Lee Memorial from being brought down. The Confederates States of America were severely outnumbered by both police and counter-protesters. Roads were shut down and large numbers of police were called in for what ended up being not much of a protest. The mini-protest did end up costing the city $570,000.

According to their Facebook page the New Confederates are coming back on Saturday and if Facebook is to be believed bringing 18 of their friends with them.

So far the Richmond Police are not concerned but will be keeping an eye on the situation. They released the following statement.

A message about the possible assembly on Monument Avenue:

The Richmond Police Department is experienced in crowd control and maintaining public safety.

Should an assembly occur on Monument Avenue this Saturday, even though no group has applied for a permit, the Department is prepared to handle it. The Department has no plans to close Monument Avenue.

We are asking anyone who comes to Monument Avenue to be cooperative and non-confrontational.
Pedestrians should stay out of the roadway, remain on sidewalks and cross in crosswalks.
The Department has issued a release that emphasizes there will be zero tolerance for criminal activity.

The Fan District Association is also not to worried and posted the following:

Possible Protesters Saturday
The FDA Board is in communication with City and Capitol Police, and are not worried about any potential protesters Saturday. As with any weekend, you may see a handful of people with “Save the Statues” signs and confederate flags in front of our statues. There is no indication a counter protest is planned, and no streets will be closed or barricades used. It will be business as usual in the Fan.

Should you have concerns, contact Sector Lieutenant Bill Woo, (804) 646-1728 or [email protected] Otherwise, please help us keep the focus on our Fan Holiday House Tour. This great tradition funds over $20,000 in grants for our parks, schools and programs like FeedMore’s meals for home-bound seniors in the Fan.



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