Get your frights at Manchester’s Den of Fear

Get your frights at Manchester’s Den of Fear

For Artober, Dogtown Dance Theater is being turned into a house of Halloween horrors.

This October, Denovhir Productions and their team have been hard at work to transform Dogtown Dance Theater, for Artober, into a house of Halloween horrors. Located only minutes from VCU’s main campus, Den of Fear is filled with monsters, madmen, and minions summoned from the darkness by the will of the Tarred Lady!

Co-Owners Frederick Haines and Jami-Lee Sullivan have been working in the haunted house industry for over 30 years collectively and are delighted to finally be able to bring their own event to life. “Even being able to run is a dream come true,” says Jami-Lee, “We’re doing everything we can to put on the best show possible.”

This season, get your horror fix close to home at Den of Fear Haunted House.

WHAT: Den of Fear Haunted House,

WHEN: Oct 20-22 and 26 – 28. Box office opens at 6:30pm, Doors at 7:00pm. Tickets sold until 10:00pm. Doors stay open until all of those already in line make it through.

WHERE: 109 W 15th St, Richmond, VA 23224

COST: $15.00 Per Person

TICKETS: At the door or via



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