Must-See RVA! — Farmer Cottage

Must-See RVA! — Farmer Cottage

A look into the history of Richmond places that are still part of our landscape.

June 2017

417 South Pine Street
Built, 1856

The development of Hollywood and of the later Mount Calvary and Riverview cemeteries to the west of it effectually prevented any mansions from dominating the river as “Belvidere” had done.

(LOC) — Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Richmond (1905) — Plate 101

From 1850 on, small houses for workmen began to fill the blocks between Hollywood and Belvidere Street, from Cary to the bluff overlooking the canal. Thus this eastern end of Sydney became in character an extension of Oregon Hill, by which name it is usually called.


Few of the houses left stand out with any special distinction. An exception was 417 South Pine, built in 1855, and from 1859 to 1896 the home of Jonas Farmer, described in the directories as a “heater”. Until it was covered in recent years with the ubiquitous asbestos siding, this was the most perfect small Gothic cottage in Richmond.

A handful of houses of some architectural interest date from the eve of the War or its early years, notably two that like the Farmer cottage have vertical stripping.

Looks like the asbestos siding was wisely taken down, and now the house looks more like its original state.


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