RVA Legends — David P. Walke House

RVA Legends — David P. Walke House

A look into the history of Richmond places and people that have disappeared from our landscape.


1101 Porter Street
Built, after 1885
Demolished, unknown

Sadly, all that remains of this charming Manchester house is the stone curtain that lined the property.

March 2015

Situated at 1101 Porter Street, this place was built by David P. Walke before 1900, but after 1885, as it was a vacant lot on the Beers Map of 1876, and Walke was still living elsewhere in 1885.

March 2015

Walke was the son of Dr. Sydenham Walke, whose family lived for some time in the Freeland House. It was later the home of the Irad Gunter family and their extended family, the Kellys. It is no longer standing.

(ProQuest® Sanborn Maps Geo Edition™) — Richmond 1919-1952 South Richmond — Plate 36

Although it is a later house than others in this book, it is included because of the appealing picture. [OME]

Weisiger published Old Manchester & its Environs in 1993, and so the Walke house met its end sometime between then 1952.


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