Otters are coming back to Maymont

Otters are coming back to Maymont

News that you really otter read. Don’t rush to the Nature Center yet. You’ll have to wait until mid-month to check out the new additions.

Image: Maymont

The good news is that two otter from Louisiana are heading to Maymont to fill the empty otter tank. The bad news, these two are stone cold criminals. They were both caught red-pawed raiding crayfish farms and sent upstate, as in up to a different state.

Full details from Maymont including the chance to name the female otter that you can see above. Given their criminal past I would have gone with Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Robin and Marian for short.

They’re coming! Richmond’s favorite aquatic mammals, North American river otters (Lontra canadensis), will delight us all at Maymont once again beginning Tuesday, May 16. A male and a female, both approximately two years old, will live in the otter exhibit at the Robins Nature & Visitor Center. Both otters were found raiding crayfish farms in their home state of Louisiana, and local authorities categorized them as “nuisances” to be removed from the wild. With assistance from state game and fisheries officials and partner zoos and aquariums, Maymont will now provide a safe and enriching home for them. We have been searching for new otters to rescue since last fall after beloved long-time residents, Neptune (age 19) and Pandora (age 17), died of natural causes.

The new male otter is named “Louis” – a shortened nickname for Louisiana and a reference to Louis Armstrong, the influential jazz musician born in New Orleans. The name was selected by Jody Korman, a Maymont supporter who won the opportunity during the 2016 Vintage Maymont auction.

Maymont fans will have a chance to help choose the name of the female otter (pictured) during a special campaign that will be announced later this month. Stay tuned for details!

Make plans for a visit soon to watch the playful antics of our new furry family members. The otters can be seen at the Nature Center during open hours Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm, starting Tuesday, May 16. Admission to the Nature Center is $4 per person; FREE for Maymont members.



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