Must-See RVA! — John B. Anderson House

Must-See RVA! — John B. Anderson House

A look into the history of Richmond places that are still part of our landscape.

14 East Twelfth Street
Built, before 1860

This very old-looking house with a high-pitched roof and partial dormers, was built on a part of Lot 102 at 14 East Twelfth Street. The lot in 1819 belonged to tavern keeper Zachariah Brooks, whose tavern was on the same town square.


He sold it in 1833 to Mary Jones of Richmond. In 1855 she sold part of the lot to James Donley and his wife Jane, including the old Farmer’s Tavern building on Hull Street. In 1867 both Jones and Donley owned parts of lot 102, with the buildings valued at $200.

(VCU) — 1889 Baist Atlas Map of Richmond — Plate 20

In 1874 Jane Donley sold part of the lot “with improvements” to John B. Anderson for $800. This part is labeled “JBA” on Beer’s Map. He was living there in 1877. In the 1885 Census his occupation is given as “nailer”. Anderson died in 1894.

June 2016

The house appears to have been built before the Civil War. There is a large chimney behind the front room on each side of the house. The age suggests it could have been part of the several buildings of the tavern complex. [OME]


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