RVA Beer Explorer: Take a Tropication, Flicking Glory Day, Veil is a Worldly 3rd, Lab Beers,

RVA Beer Explorer: Take a Tropication, Flicking Glory Day, Veil is a Worldly 3rd, Lab Beers,

A sip of local beer news.


Wednesday day is as good a day as any for some drinking. Hardywood is releasing Tropication tomorrow February 1st if you’re looking for an excuse to get out and about.

The taproom opens at 4pm. Fresh Tropication is available in 16oz. cans for your enjoyment at the brewery and in 4-packs to go. There is no limit, so come and get it!

About the beer: Hardywood Tropication is a definitive liquid recess. Heaps of Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops send a wave of tropical fruit aromatics that burst on the palate with notes of passionfruit, lychee, mango, pineapple and lime. Smooth, bright and super juicy, Tropication is an exotic escape from the daily grind. 7.5% ABV


It is rare to find a child that grew up in the U.S. that didn’t waste time in class folding a piece of paper into a tight triangle and flick it into his/her friend’s face. Technically the goal was to go between two fingers but the true joy was in thwacking them in the face. On Sunday you’ve got a chance to relive your flicking glory days. Details are short but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out over a beer or two at Isley Brewing.


Rate Beer combed through the 6,500 new brewers in the world that were rated on or after the Q3 of 2015. Once they had the numbers crunched they came up with a list of the Ten Best New Breweries.  Veil Brewing Co. came in impressive third.

Veil will be showing the American Football Championship on Sunday in case you need another excuse to visit.

Rate Beer also dove into the regional level with the Best Beers, Brewers, New Brewers By Subregion and for the Commonwealth of Virginia it was a clean sweep for the greater Richmond area.

  • Lickinghole Creek Great Commander  – Best Beer
  • Hardywood Park Craft Brewery – Best Brewery
  • Veil Brewing Co. – Best New Brewery


That headline above is a bold faced lie. They’ve been open for awhile serving beers from the Center of the Universe mothership.  What GRAND means in this case is that beers actually brewed at the Origin Beer Lab in downtown Ashland (106 S Railroad Ave) will now be available for consumption. The Lab opens its’ vat on February 3rd at 3 PM.


Facebook Event:

The day has finally arrived where the taps will be filled with delicious brews hand crafted by our anxious brewers on the main system! We will be serving full pours, flights, and growlers to-go all weekend. Come hang out, grab a delicious meal at one of Ashland’s great restaurants, and tell your friends you had it first at the Beer Lab! Don’t forget that the big game is Sunday night. Impress your friends by showing up with a growler (or 2) of Virginia’s newest brews. Draft list below (while they last).

LB1 – Golden Ale
LB2 – Cream Ale
ESB1 – Extra Special Bitter
BB1 – Belgian Winter Ale
DIPA1 – Double India Pale Ale
PA2 – Pale Ale
HEF1 – Hefeweizen
DB1 – Brown Porter




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