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A Chocolatier’s Guide to Getting Fit

Kelly Wombold of Chocolates by Kelly has invited all of us to join her on a journey of fitness.

RVAHub Staff



Staying fit and healthy for many of us is a struggle. The daily chores of life often get in the way and finding a way to balance exercise, fun, work and family is a challenge. Kelly Wombold is the founder/owner of Chocolates by Kelly. Being a business owner makes finding that balance even harder, there is never “time-off”. Kelly has decided to share her step back into the fitness world and perhaps motivate or inspire others.


I want to look good. Sure, moving towards health and wellbeing, expanding into a sharper mind, and building my body into a finely tuned instrument of death and destruction are all great reasons to get into shape. When asked though, the first reason that comes to mind is that I want to admire myself in the mirror. I want to look at my backside and think, ‘Hey you, good work back there’. The big question I am asking myself now is “Self? How bad do you want it?”

Everyone has the physique they want or else they would do something to change it. It is time for me to stop wishing and start doing something about the sad state of affairs that is my rear end. I am 39.6573 years old and to my surprise, I am not getting younger. If there was ever a time in my life to employ a sense of urgency in making happen the things I’ve dreamt of for myself, Baby, it is now.

Where do I start? Here’s where honesty with myself is important. What do I love and what do I hate about food and fitness. I want to give myself a real chance for success. I love mud (not for eating). I hate traditional gyms. I love the outdoors, when the weather is nice. I hate counting calories. I do love to cook. I hate complicated notetaking and meal planning. And I am NOT going to start having prepackaged, perfectly portioned, overpriced, lilliputian Nutri-establishment food pellet plasti-trays shipped to my house for breaksfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time twice daily!

I am not about to try and pretend it should be easy to lose 70 lbs. It should be tough. I am ready to embrace that. My plan is to put my energy into two SIMPLE things: quality exercise and quality food. No pills, no supplements, no meal replacement shakes, and no diet plans that tell me how easy it’s going to be.

There is only one option for me: XTeam Fitness. I can describe it as a time when you go out to play HARD with 20 or 30 of your besties. XTeam is indoor/outdoor, team based physical fitness. It’s that exciting, mentally engaging, incredibly challenging one hour per day that you get to look forward to. (Yes, you can enjoy exercise.)

I was a member of XTeam going on 7 years ago. I really loved it. I can provide two pages of single spaced notes full of excuses as to why I couldn’t carry on with the program back then. Somewhere between ‘Life got in the way’ and ‘I didn’t have any clean socks’ you’d find the real reason I quit. I quit because I made the decision that my health and fitness were not important. I moved myself down on the priority list repeatedly until I fell right off the bottom. We’ve all done it. Time to be selfish. It’s okay. I have forgiven myself for all those excuses and I’ve decided to find some good in it. Maybe I, the workaholic small business owner who adores Richmond’s incredible offerings of food and drink and who is literally surrounded by fine chocolate at all times by trade, can be an example to others. That’s why I want to share my story. If I can do it, you can do it.

Welcome to my BEFORE and BEGINNING with Xteam Fitness. As I write this now, I’ve been with XTeam now for 3 weeks. I will continue to write about this experience. I’ll post pictures throughout. I sincerely hope you will follow along. If I fail, you can point and laugh. If I succeed, perhaps you’ll feel a little fire in your belly to make a change too. Join in with me and we can be workout buddies!

ONE DAY, OR DAY ONE. It’s up to you.

Well, looky there. My muffin top is melting away after 3 weeks. I never achieved results like that at a gym, and I know I am not alone.

XTEAM FITNESS (2928 W Leigh Street)

Editor’s note: RVAHub is not receiving reimbursement for this story. We’re simply sharing an individual’s success story and urge everyone to find the path to healthy living that is right for their own lives.

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