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Preview: Richmond Ivy Climb Into City Stadium for Their Second Game

It’s game two in the Richmond Ivy season in what they’ve dubbed the I-64 Derby.




Opponent: Charlottesville Blues
Date/Time: Thursday, May 22nd, 7:00 PM
Last Result: 1-0 Victory over Virginia Mauraders
Up Next: Away vs Virginia Marauders FC Sunday, MAY 26, 7:00 PM

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Three Things to Kick About

  1. Attendance – The Richmond Ivy home opener brought over 6,500 fans into the stadium and broke all sorts of merchandise sales records. This game will be a good litmus test for where we can expect regular attendance to be. It’s a weeknight and the forecast isn’t great but the team is still brand new so the novelty factor is still strong. The Kickers are averaging in the 4,000 per game so it’ll be interesting to see how the Ivy compare.
  2. Full Team – The Ivy that take the field tomorrow should be dramatically different than the previous starting 11. Four or five players were out for the first game due to school obligations and as a result several players were forced to play positions that weren’t their natural spots. There were also some minor injuries so a couple other starters stayed on the bench. Hopefully everyone is with the team now and with a few more weeks of practice as a full team we’ll have a better idea of this team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Goals – While checking out other results across the USLW divisions one thing that jumped out was the number of high-scoring games. In the Metropolitan Division, Morris Elite SC scored 14 goals in one game. In the Mid-Atlantic Division which the Ivy are in Christos FC scored 6 goals in one game. Three and four-goal games are not uncommon. The Ivy only managed 1 goal in their opener so it’s likely they’re going to need find a better touch in front of the net to stay competitive. As mentioned above having a full team will let us know if fairly short order if the Ivy will be a high-flying scoring machine, a defensive castle or more likely something in between.


As stated during the last Ivy preview I’m literally out of my league when talking about this team. I liked what I saw during the home opener. I’m worried about the lack of goal-scoring but not overly concerned due to so many players being out. I know that attendance will not be in the 6,500 mark on Thursday but I also know that the match will be well attended (baring a massive thunderstorm) and that home field advantage is a thing. This week’s opponent the Charlottesville Blues are singing the Blues after their season opener which they lost 6-2. Letting in 6 goals is never a confidence booster. In the end I’ve got to go with my gut and my gut is telling me that Ivy will go undefeated in City Stadium and this will be the second match to prove me right. Ivy win by 2.

Richmond Ivy – 3
Charlottesville Blues – 1


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