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House Hunters Television Show is Hunting Houses in Northside Tonight

Spoiler alert, but there will be some conflict on must-haves but they’re eventually reach a compromise while smiling at the camera.




In case you’re unfamiliar, the show House Hunters on HGTV follows various couples as they go through the process of “finding a house”.  The use of quotation marks is because the fliming takes place long after the decision has been made. Shocker reality tv is not real.

From a homeowner previously on House Hunter.


SPOILER ALERT – they chose our house! We are house #2 in the episode. Here’s how the timing looked for us:

We listed our home in mid-August 2020, the couple made an offer about a week and a half later, and we closed 30 days after that, at the end of September. Filming occurred in late October 2020. The episode aired in early April 2021. The process was just over 6 months from start to finish.

Filming is about a 5-day process, with roughly 8 hours spent at each house plus their rental home and some B-reel skyline shots. Our house was tricky to film because it was raining the day that they filmed. But you don’t see it raining when you’re watching the show. Hmm.


YUP. That’s right. We moved out over the weekend, and the following week the new owners reached out to me over email to tell me they were going to be on House Hunters. We had no idea during the selling process that this was happening in the background. For us, it was just a completely typical home sale with negotiating and inspections and appraisals and all the regular stuff. We were none the wiser until after we’d moved out.

The filming schedule meant that the buyers had a full month of owning the house before they could move in because it would completely spoil the illusion if you saw the house with all of their furniture. That month could have been used to let the house sit, or to make some changes…

But this isn’t a deep dive into the hellscape of all reality shows rather it’s just to let you know that Richmond couple Calvin and Blaze, will tour three houses on the Northside and make their final decision while sitting at Final Gravity. The episode, called “Rugby Players in Richmond,” will air Friday at 10 p.m. on HGTV.


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