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Meeting to Discuss Trail and Bridge Improvements to Crooked Branch Ravine Park

The meeting to discuss the project will take place next Wednesday, January 24th, 6 PM at the Forest Hill Stone House.




The Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities will construct a bridge across Reedy Creek in Crooked Branch Ravine Park at 42nd Street and develop a trail through Crooked Branch Ravine Park to Crutchfield Street. This connectivity project provides access for pedestrians and cyclists to move from the forthcoming James River Branch Trail, through Crooked Branch Ravine Park, and Forest Hill Park to the James River Park System and is part of the James River Park System Master Plan.

Crooked Branch Trail Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this proposed trail project involve?
A: A bridge that connects the north bank of Reedy Creek to the southern bank with trail access that connects 42nd Street to Crutchfield Street through Crooked Branch Ravine Park.

Q: Why was this site selected?
A: The site is owned by Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities. The site was selected as a key connection point for the James River Park System (JRPS) and provides multi-modal connectivity to Richmond High School for the Arts (George Wythe High School) as well as the future James River Branch Rail Trail.

Q: Is this project in agreement with the James River Park System Master Plan (JRPSMP)?
A: Yes, this project directly addresses multiple strategies and implementation goals of the JRPSMP. The master plan included extensive community engagement with accessibility and connectivity being one of the primary themes of the plan. There are multiple references in the master plan that support this project, to include:

Strategies for Reducing Vehicle Trips to the Park (page 33):
o 9. Strengthen pedestrian and bicycle connections to the park system from neighborhoods by installing pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure such as sidewalks, crosswalks, pathways, and trails where such infrastructure is missing (page 33).

• Strategies for Enhancing the Trails and Greenways System (page 39):
o 1. Support Efforts to fund and implement the Regional Greenways Plan b. Reedy Creek Greenway: The plan promotes connections with JRPS with Forest Hill Park as well as adjacent neighborhoods, which will alleviate automobile and parking pressure, and would form part of the East Coast Greenway.

James River Park System Master Plan Link:

Q: Who benefits from this project?
A: The proposed project is an important connector to the JRPS with 15,757 people living within the vicinity of this proposed extension. The City of Richmond’s Equity Agenda identifies the urgent economic and moral duty to promote equity and justice by investing in communities that have experienced past injustices by removing barriers to access and opportunity. 23% living below poverty. This proposed project agrees with the following principles laid out in the resolution:

  1. Addressing and Preventing Health Disparities
  2. Equitable Transit and Mobility
  3. Community Wealth to Combat Economic Inequity
  4. Creating Equitable Climate Action and Resilience
  5. Reimagining Public Safety

Equity Agenda Link: 07/Res.%20No%20%282%29.pdf

Q: How will the proposed trails mitigate stormwater runoff into Reedy Creek?
A: The proposed bridge and trails will be permitted and reviewed by the city to comply with stormwater regulations.

Q: Will motor vehicles be allowed to cross this bridge?
A: No, only bicycles and pedestrians will be allowed to cross this bridge.

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