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Photos: Virginia Lions Battle DC Eagles in Aussie Rules Football

First time seeing this live and it was a quick hard hitting affair.



I found out late on Friday that Saturday morning that there would be an Aussie Rules Football game taking place at my local Westover Hills Elementary. Having never seen it live and only in passing on tv decided to go check it out. The two teams facing off were the Virginia Lions  and the DC Eagles.

I definitely should have watched this beginner’s summary of the sport before I headed over. There is also this summary swiped from Wikipedia

During general play, players may position themselves anywhere on the field and use any part of their bodies to move the ball. The primary methods are kickinghandballing and running with the ball. There are rules on how the ball can be handled; for example, players running with the ball must intermittently bounce or touch it on the ground. Throwing the ball is not allowed, and players must not get caught holding the ball. A distinctive feature of the game is the mark, where players anywhere on the field who catch the ball from a kick (with specific conditions) are awarded unimpeded possession.[3] Possession of the ball is in dispute at all times except when a free kick or mark is paid. Players can tackle using their hands or use their whole body to obstruct opponents. Dangerous physical contact (such as pushing an opponent in the back), interference when marking, and deliberately slowing the play are discouraged with free kicks, distance penalties, or suspension for a certain number of matches depending on the severity of the infringement. The game features frequent physical contests, spectacular marking, fast movement of both players and the ball, and high scoring.

The match started at 11 in brutal heat but that didn’t stop the players or the small group of supporters from enjoying the match. I can’t tell you the score but I do know that the visiting DC Eagle got the win and they gathered at nearby by Veil for taco, beers, and tales of athletic prowess.

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