Righteous Indignation over a Matter both Small and Insignificant

Righteous Indignation over a Matter both Small and Insignificant

Inspired by countless NextDoor and Facebook post we all see daily.

I feel the need to bring this matter of extremely grave import to the community’s attention. There is an inaccurate sign in our midst. Nah, not inaccurate but a straight-out, misleading, sitting on a throne of lies sign. This was discovered upon one of my many walks in the area and I know has been this way for many years. In fact, (not a fact at all) it is rumored that this travesty dates back to 1781 when the British forayed into the area and put up misleading signs to confuse Colonial soldiers (also not a fact the putting up of signs, the foray is definitely a fact).

As you can see from the picture above Sign #1 and Sign #2 are exactly 77.5 feet away from each other (I in no way measured and this number is completely made up). Yet the distance to Pony Pasture on Sign #1 is 4 miles and the distance on Sign #2 to Pony Pasture is 1/2 mile.


Sign #1


Sign #2

I demand that someone, in fact, everyone acknowledge my anger towards Sign #2. Then after much discussion and many harumphs, I also demand that no action is taken because it’s only a lousy sign and anyone that truly gets upset about this needs to chill.

Thus concludes my installment of Righteous Indignation over a Matter both Small and Insignificant.



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