Photos: On the Road for a Polo Match

Photos: On the Road for a Polo Match

We pride ourselves in focusing on local news and events. The definition of “local” is stretched to the limits with this photo series as we traveled to Charlottesville for polo.

In an effort to improve my photography skills I belong to the Richmond Photography Meetup Group. This group organizes photo events that you might not stumble upon on your own and a community of creative folks that you might not otherwise meet. Last night the group organized an outing to Charlottesville for the National Women’s Arena Open & Handicap Polo Tournament at the UVA Polo Grounds.

After learning the basics of polo here and learning the best fact, ever – when someone falls off, it is also referred to as an “unscheduled dismount”.  The second best fact is that a period is called a “chukker”. With that admittedly weak foundation, I grabbed my camera and hit the road. Everyone I met at the polo ground was friendly and enjoyed seeing a newbie. The match was free to watch and there is UVA scrimmage tonight (Friday) and the Tournament Final is on Saturday. Check out the full schedule of upcoming matches here.

The game I attended had Virginia Polo defeating Midstate Roofing. This sets up a final for Virginia Polo versus Sullivan Group on Saturday.




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