Dog Attack Near Belle Isle, More Information Sought

Dog Attack Near Belle Isle, More Information Sought

If you were walking near Reedy Creek on 9/18 around 6:30 PM give this a read.

The following was posted on various neighborhood groups.

A runner was attacked by a dog last evening on the buttermilk trail near 22nd street.

Runner had passed the dog earlier as it walked quietly with its owner. The runner was finishing his run and was passing the unleashed dog (path narrows at this point on the trail) for the second time when the dog lunged and made contact, latching onto his knee and breaking skin.

The owner screamed at the runner that ‘he’ was the one to attack his dog and that if he stayed around another second, he would set the dog on him again so being threatened, the runner left the scene quickly since the dog was still snarling and lunging.

The incident took place on the trail between Reedy Creek and the bridge to Belle Isle….near the 22nd Street access to trail.

It took place at about 6:30 pm 9/18/2019

The dog is described as an all-black pit bull…very stocky and heavy…maybe 70-80 pounds. It was not leashed. Not sure if it was a male or female. Owner was a white male late 20’s early 30’s, crew cut hair. Tattoos front and back upper body and arms…about 150 pounds maybe 5’10” He was wearing white shorts and no shirt.

If you witnessed this incident and can help identify the owner and dog, proof of rabies is needed since the dog broke the skin.

Richmond requires all dogs to be leashed when off their own property. In my walks along Reedy Creek, Buttermilk, and Pony Pasture this is the most frequently broken rule I see.

Sec. 4-243. The free roaming of dogs is prohibited. … Dogs must be walked on a leash when off the owner’s property. The City of Richmond leash law does not apply to cats.



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