RVA Happy Hour for Your Cheap Eating and Drinking Needs

RVA Happy Hour for Your Cheap Eating and Drinking Needs

Like a good Boy Scout it pays or in this case you’ll pay less if you’re prepared with Happy Hour information.

First up, this isn’t a paid advertisement and we haven’t done all the research to ensure accuracy. With that out of the way, the site RVA Happy Hour is a boon for those of us that like eating and drinking out but don’t like the damage it does on our wallet.

The site is straight forward, after hitting the Find a Happy Hour, you’ll have the ability to filter your search by day, time, neighborhood or category.  I did notice they’re missing Secret Sandwich Society which among other things has a $5 burger during happy hours. That is one of the better deals I’ve found in my bar travels.

What to know what is going on tonight? Let me present a partial screenshot.

It will interesting to see if the site creators will be able to keep up with bars and restaurants seemingly constant change.





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