Valentine launches “Where in the World is the Valentine” series

Valentine launches “Where in the World is the Valentine” series

The promotion will use ongoing construction in the Court End Neighborhood to highlight local history.

A new promotional series from the Valentine launches this week. “Where in the World is the Valentine?” features irreverent and informative blogs written by Valentine Director Bill Martin, focused on the ongoing construction in the neighborhood and featuring topics ranging from Abraham Lincoln’s lost ghost to disappearing streets. You can read the first entry here.

Local writer and comedian Beau Cribbs will also appear in Facebook live videos that tie into the content of the weekly series. These videos will be accessible on the Valentine’s Facebook page.

Running Tuesday, August 6 through Tuesday, September 10, the “Where in the World is the Valentine?” series will cover unique Richmond stories on several online platforms.

Martin took Greg McQuade of WTVR CBS 6 on a walk through the neighborhood amidst the construction and discussed the aim of the new series for an upcoming interview.

“As the historic Court End Neighborhood continues to undergo dramatic changes, we wanted to use the images and stories in our collection to give visitors a new way to interact with the Valentine and other nearby institutions,” Martin said. “This blog series will give Richmonders the opportunity to have fun with the ongoing construction while attempting to navigate the neighborhood, learn more about Richmond and accept the challenge of finding the Valentine.”

Over the next six weeks, the Valentine will be releasing unique, funny and educational blogs, each authored by Martin, which will focus on highlighting a local story visitors might stumble upon as a result of getting “lost” in the Court End neighborhood.

When attendees finally arrive at the Valentine, they will be awarded medals for being courageous enough to overcome construction, road closures and other adventures in order to discover Richmond Stories.