City Council Passes Mayor’s Ordinance to Ban Guns in City-Owned Buildings and Parks

City Council Passes Mayor’s Ordinance to Ban Guns in City-Owned Buildings and Parks

Although passed, the ordinance will still need the approval of a Republican-controlled Virginia General Assembly.

Monday evening the City Council voted on the Mayor’s ordinance (ORD. 2019–165) to ban guns in city-owned buildings and parks. The ordinance, however, can’t be enforced unless changes are made at a state level. The timing of this vote wasn’t random. Stoney introduced the ordinance in June in the hopes that the General Assembly will consider it during their special session that will be starting on July 9th.

The general feeling is the General Assembly will not be taking this up and nothing will change in relation to firearms in city-owned building and parks.

The City Council vote was not unanimous. Councilmembers Larson and Trammell both abstained. Councilmember Gray voiced concerns about “political grandstanding” and the rushed nature of the bill. Those concerns didn’t prevent her from voting for the bill.

The Mayor released this statement Monday evening.

“Tonight the City of Richmond sent a strong message to the Virginia General Assembly that it stands ready and willing to immediately implement the kind of common sense gun regulations that will enhance the safety and security of residents, employees and visitors to our city government offices and parks.

Every Richmonder has the right to feel secure and free from the fear of senseless gun violence in our city’s public spaces.

While I am disappointed this was not a unanimous vote, I applaud and thank the seven members of Richmond City Council who demonstrated leadership in their support for Ordinance 2019-165.

Now it’s time to take this momentum across the street and hold our commonwealth’s elected representatives accountable for protecting our children and families. Leaders in the City of Richmond proved tonight they have the spine to act. Now the ball is in the General Assembly’s court.”



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