RTD Has Closing Date for Strawberry Street Cafe

RTD Has Closing Date for Strawberry Street Cafe

It’s been looming on the horizon but now there is an official date, March 31st

Derek Salerno and business partner Aaron Sisk bought the iconic restaurant back in December and were upfront about the future of Strawberry Street Cafe. Since the beginning, they said there would be significant changes the not least of which was the ditching of the bathtub salad bar. Not many people outside of Richmond get to write “bathtub salad bar”.

The restaurant will close its doors on March 31st as it resets and renovates.

Karri Peiffer of RTD has more:

“Truly — it’s been humbling to take on the leadership of a restaurant that inspires so much passion and so many strong opinions,” Salerno wrote in a statement. “It has been an honor to serve our community in such a well-known and well-loved establishment, but all good things must come to an end.”

Renovations are expected to take about 8 weeks and Salerno said most of the staff will be helping with the changes in some way.

Salerno said the new concept and name will be shared in the coming weeks, but the kitchen team is already in place.



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