RVA Legends — National Building and Investment Association of Virginia

RVA Legends — National Building and Investment Association of Virginia

A look into the history of Richmond places and people that have disappeared from our landscape.

(Urban Scale) — showing the former location next to the Reuger Hotel at the end of the block

909 Bank Street
Built, after 1865
Demolished, 1962

When trying to reconstruct the old Richmond landscape, sometimes a long shot is best you’re going to get.

(LOC) — Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Richmond (1905) — Plate 7

The National Building and Investment Association of Virginia, 909 Bank street, began business July 1st, 1890. Of its $1,000,000 authorized capital, $750,000 is subscribed, and it has disposed of about 3,600 shares, the par value of which is $200 since it began. It has loaned about $170,000 in the same time.

[RVCJ93] — President’s office

This company has agencies in all the principal towns and cities of the State. It is managed by business men of ability and experience. A. Pizzini, Jr., one of the directors of the Merchants National Bank, and formerly president of the Electric Street Railway and Light Company here, is its president.

[RVCJ93] — M. E. Bradley, Secretary General Manager

J. W. Kates, general superintendent of the Mackay – Bennett Postal Telegraph Cable Company here, vice president; W. B. Pizzini, a son of the president, treasurer; and M. E. Bradley, formerly engaged in the same line and in banking in Chicago, its secretary, and general manager.

[RVCJ93] — Secretary’s Office

The directors are these gentlemen W. H. Scott, wholesale druggist; John Chamblin, of Chamblin, Delaney & Scott, iron founders; J. P. Dashiell, of Thomas Potts & Co., wholesale grocers; C. B. Habliston, wholesale furniture dealer; Colonel John Murphy, proprietor of Murphy’s Hotel; F. AY. Cunningham, city collector; A. G. Babcock, capitalist; and James L. Robertson, of DuVal & Robertson, lumber dealers, Manchester.

January 2019

Like so many others located in the former Burnt District, the building where the National Building and Investment Association had its offices was erected during the construction boom that followed the Evacuation Fire of 1865.

It met its demise when what is now known as the Pocahontas Building, 900 East Main Street was constructed in 1962, as an addition to the State Planter’s Bank building next door. Today it serves as office space for the Virginia General Assembly. [ADR]

(National Building and Investment Association of Virginia is part of the Atlas RVA! Project)


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  • (Urban Scale)


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