Stay Off The Trails Until They Dry Out

Stay Off The Trails Until They Dry Out

It’s been a rough year for our trails and users aren’t making it any better by riding, walking, and running on them when the trails are muddy.

Pony Pasture Near Charlie's Bridge Photo Credit: Rich Young

There is a golden rule that all trail-users should follow, “if you leave a footprint or tire track in the mud, the trail is too wet for use”. Unfortunately not everybody follows that rule and as a result the trails are taking longer than normal to dry out.

From RVA Trail Report:

Colder today and many trails are still a mess. JRPS is still too wet to use mostly because people have continued to use it during these wet times and now the water just sits in all the footprints and tire prints. These trails may have been almost dry by now but because of the damage the drying time is extended by days. Powhite is really the only sure thing in Richmond today. Pocahontas trails are opening today and workers will be taking down the tape from the trail heads later this morning. Because users stayed off of the trails there they have dried much faster than the RVA trails.

Buttermilk Trail North of Reedy Creek Photo Credit: Rich Young



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