RVA Legends — Liverpool & London & Globe

RVA Legends — Liverpool & London & Globe

A look into the history of Richmond places and people that have disappeared from our landscape.

[RVCJ03] — Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Building on East Main

1113 East Main Street
Build, after 1865
Demolished, probably 1973

After the Evacuation Fire, it must have a seller’s market for fire insurance.

(LOC) — Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Richmond (1905) — Plate 16

About seventy-five agents, for more than a hundred Insurance Companies, home and foreign, are established in Richmond. Of this number fifteen or twenty perhaps, are general agents, the remainder special or local.

(University of California) — 1865 advertisement

Among the companies thus represented are fifty-five fire companies; thirty life companies; seven accident companies; five marine; three bonding and the same number of casualty companies; two each in employer’s liability, tornado, burglary, elevator, steam boiler and plate glass insurance and one in the credits line; some, however, being duplicated in this list by the fact that they are in more than one branch of the business.


These companies are nearly all of recognized standing, like the Liverpool and London and Globe in the fire business, for instance, which company has here one of its principal agencies, occupying a building of its own, or the New York Life, the Equitable, the Mutual, and Metropolitan, of New York, the Northwestern, of Milwaukee, and others of their class, in the life business. Richmond is constituted by their presence, along with its own substantial home companies, one of the most important insurance centers of the South. [RVCJ03]


Davenport & Co. have been established since 1861, and have had the agency for the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company since 1865. As bankers, they make a specialty of Soutliern investment securities, and are largely engaged in buying and selling stocks on commission. As general agents for the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company (the character of which is so well known that it seems hardly necessary here to go into details concerning it), they do an extraordinary business. [RVCJ93]

(Wikipedia) — original company headquarters on Dale Street in Liverpool

Like so many companies, Liverpool & London & Globe was built by acquisition and merger. The Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company was established in 1846 when the London Edinburgh and Dublin Life Insurance Company (founded 1836) merged with the Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company (founded 1839). This new company merged with the Globe Insurance Company (founded 1803) in 1864 and opened several international branch offices, including Richmond and Petersburg.

November 2018 — 1113 East Main Street today

That lasted until 1919 when it became a subsidiary of Royal Insurance Company. Royal Insurance later merged with Sun Alliance in 1996 creating RSA. So it goes. (Aim25)

The Richmond office building was constructed in the aftermath of the Evacuation Fire when the block on which it would stand was burned to ashes. However, like the company, this structure would not survive, a sacrifice for the greater good of the First & Merchants National Bank Building in 1973.

(Liverpool & London & Globe is part of the Atlas RVA Project)


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