RTD on Locker Room Owner and Her New Project The Pitts

RTD on Locker Room Owner and Her New Project The Pitts

Karri Peifer takes a good look at a local watering hole with a dubious reputation and it might just change your mind.

The Locker Room is an RVA/Reddit legend and known throughout the land as a dive bar. They wear the title “dive bar” with pride. My only visit to the bar is a vague, drunken, smokey, mystery of a memory long since stuffed into a bit of my subconscious. I will intentionally keep that memory a mystery. Other reporters are much braver.

Karri Peifer takes a look at the history of the tiny bar on Westover Hills Boulevard and plans for a “sister bar” on Broad Rock Boulevard.

“They got the [dive bar] distinction years ago,” Peters said. “They were proud of it! They called my mom ‘MeanJean’ because she was. Seriously! My uncle was the favorite back ‘boother’ – and still is to this day. He hung out with everyone! Smoked and drank with the best of ’em. They earned [the title dive].”

And Peters is about to open a second dive in Richmond – The Pitts – the “sister dive to The Locker Room with a sweet backyard lounge,” according to the restaurant’s tag line, at 2220 Broad Rock Blvd. in South Richmond.

The Pitts is scheduled to open on Halloween – and Peters recruited a notable spokesperson for the restaurant: Richmond celebrity Gene Cox.



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