Whooooo that?

Whooooo that?

One of our winged neighbors allowed me to take a few photos this morning.

This Barred Owl was spotted near Reedy Creek along the road leading to Nickel Bridge.

Barred Owl facts courtesy of Raptor Conversancy of Virginia:

Barred Owl (Strix varia)

A resident species in Virginia. Found from Canada south through the eastern United States to the Gulf Coast, including Florida and Texas.

Length          17–20 inches
Wingspan     39–43 inches
Weight          17–37 ounces

Woodlands, swamps, dense forests, lake shores, ravines; usually near water.

Mice, insects, snakes, lizards and salamanders; also known to eat smaller owls and other birds.

A non-tufted owl, and the only eastern owl with deep brown eyes which can appear blue-black in certain light. Nests in cavities in trees, but will use old nests of red-shouldered hawks, crows or ravens. A vocal owl with a variety of calls. Most common hoot is a sequence of “Who-cooks-for-you, Who-cooks-for-you?



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