RVA Legends — Southern Railway Depot

RVA Legends — Southern Railway Depot

A look into the history of Richmond places and people that have disappeared from our landscape.

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Fourteenth & Canal Streets
Built, 1900
Demolished, 1914

No, it’s not a typo.

November 2015

The building was near Cary Street, but not actually on it, but rather a short block behind it, about where Canal is now. Today, it’s the location of a different Southern Railway station.

(LOC) Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Richmond, 1905 Plate 17

According to the driving tour by the Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, it’s a Southern Railway freight depot built in 1915. But… there was already a station present? The history is a bit confusing.

April 2015 — Southern Railway Depot — First & Hull Streets, Manchester

An earlier Southern station, built in 1900, stood at 14th and Mill Streets in Richmond on the north side of the James River. The Mill Street Station was demolished and a new station was built in South Richmond at Hull & 1st Streets in 1915. (Richmond Railroad Museum)

November 2015

Mill Street? Where’s that? Is that Davenport Lane from the Sanborn map? Is that this alley, directly across from the current Southern Railway building?

And there’s still a question why Southern Rail would demolish one depot, build a new one across the river, and then re-establish a new, smaller depot at the original location – all within the space of a year or so.

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