PHOTOS: Urban coyote spotted near Tredegar downtown

PHOTOS: Urban coyote spotted near Tredegar downtown

An early evening walk along the river for bird pictures resulted in something dramatically different, coyote pictures.

This coyote was seen in the area between Gambles Hill Park and Tredegar Green Ampitheater around 5:45 on Tuesday evening.


The animal was unconcerned with the noisy traffic but after spotting our photographer who was several hundred yards away the coyote decided to slowly amble off.

Coyotes in suburban and even urban areas are more common than most people realize. They tend to follow food sources. Trash, pet food left outside, rodents and other small creatures are all a meal for these wild animals.

In 2011 after a marked increase in coyote sightings the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries launched a four-year study.

Although they are found state-wide, coyotes are a relative new-comer to Virginia.  Coyotes are native to the plains of the Midwest, but they eventually arrived in the western mountains of Virginia during the late 1970’s following a well-documented eastward expansion.  Coyotes prefer hilly terrain with open or brushy habitat, but they are also a highly adaptable species. Their numbers quickly increased and coyotes soon became firmly established in every county of the Commonwealth.

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has a few more pieces of advice on dealing with coyotes on their website but their number one piece of advice is to remove their food source.




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